After the lectures concerning the Egiptology and the seminars in Ancient Greek, the last day of the School was dedicated to the Syriac and Biblical Hebrew languages.

Dr. Cătălin-Ștefan Popa (ISACCL) talked about the specificities of pilgrimage in Syriac space, in relation to other Eastern spaces in his lecture "Pilgrimage, a sacred time in a sacred space. Examples from Syriac literature" The examples selected from the Syriac literature indicate that the result of this act is the vicinity of a sacred context and the creation of another spiritual reality through anticipation and expectation, following the Biblical text. The journeys to the Holy places in Jerusalem, Antioch, Egypt or to the spiritual fathers involved various practices and rituals, through which the believers sought to acquire holiness.



Dr. Beniamin Chircan (University of Bucharest) presented a fascinating introduction to Biblical Hebrew. The speaker illustrated the stages of development of the Hebrew language and alphabet, general notions of reading, as well as types of word formation, which testify to the Hebrew mentality. It was followed by a presentation of the verbal tense, closely related to the general perspective on time, which does not exist separately from actions, but only in connection with history.



At the end of the School, it was announced the topic of the fourth edition (2023) : "Vice and Virtue". We thank all those who contributed to the success of this edition, both participants and lecturers, for their passion and their enthusiasm!

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