The Levant Initiative for World Peace at the United Nations

               “Mineralogy is my profession and mineralogists are the alchemists’ successors, alchemists who were dreaming to change metals into gold. Since thousand millions of years, the Earth is the gigantic scene of a permanent confrontation between the tendencies of concentration and dissemination of the mineral matter. Likewise is the history of living world, of human and nations. It is essential that ideas confrontation and peaceful dialogue should replace for good any kind of violence. Global Summit Inter Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics is maybe the most appropriate place to remind us to cast away the arrogances crust which breaks communication and to avoid the sentences and prejudices on certain people and conceptions we do not know enough. We should carefully and respectfully approach the mysterious and profound nature of different human civilizations, of this multicultural world, where we were predestinated to ephemerally pass through and the spiritual eternity dream.  We have the duty to identify and capitalize the old superposed layers, along centuries, to rediscover the tradition of peaceful changes and of subtle negotiations between nations belonging to different civilizations and at the same time complementary. The stake of present should not be a way of organizing relationship between friends and enemies, but, on the contrary, it should be considered as the best way of being together, around a common project of PEACE establishing and consolidation. The freedom of conscience, tolerance and pluralism are the values which can help us find the way out from the night of hatred and revenge in order to build new bridges between very old cultures and civilizations.”

Emil Constantinescu

Closing Speach at the Levant Initiative for The Peace Process in The Middle East Global Summit United Nations Headquarters, June 24th, 2013

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