Byzantium – An unending civilization

Ana-Maria Răducan (coordinator)

Mega Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2022, 376 pp

Emil Constantinescu; Athanassios Semoglou; Ana‑Maria Răducan; Paolo Odorico; Ernesto Sergio Mainoldi; Claudia Rapp; Andra Jugănaru; Antonio Pio Di Cosmo; Cătălin‑Ștefan Popa; Alin Lupu; Iustina Barbu; Olga Vlachou; Emanoil Băbuș; Eleni Karafotia; Zacharoula G. Kousouli; Hayarpi Hakobyan; Andrei Prohin; Ion Marian Croitoru

Price: 51,45 RON

Byzantium - un unending civilization, coordonat de dr. Ana-Maria Răducan

The Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization has established since 2018 an International School of Byzantine Studies, which annually brings together professors, researchers, students, PhD candidates and those with a passion for Byzantine Studies. The project of an International School of Byzantine Studies was crafted around questions that young people ask themselves, questions to which scholars and researchers trained in the 20th century are still trying to find answers. It is a great source of pride for our institute to have the opportunity to host this intergenerational dialogue at the confluence of two centuries. This book presents a part of the proceedings of the first three editions, mainly contributions of the young researchers, offering a glimpse into the unending civilization of Byzantium.

Emil Constantinescu, Chairman of the Scientific Council