The 80th anniversary of Basarab Nicolescu. An international homage brought to the Franco-Romanian physicist and philosopher at the Library of the Romanian Academy

Professor Emil Constantinescu, the President of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization, attended the international event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Franco-Romanian physicist and philosopher Basarab Nicolescu, a member of the Institute’s Advisory Board.

Organized by Dr Magda Stavinschi, the President of the Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies in Science, Spirituality and Society, the event – hosted by the Library of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest – brought together a number of Basarab Nicolescu’s friends and collaborators throughout the years, refined connoisseurs of both science and art, such as Professor Ioan-Aurel Pop, Chair of the Romanian Academy; Academician Mircea Dumitru; Professor Ioan Chirilă (Faculty of Orthodox Theology at the “Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca); Emeritus Professor Paolo Orefice (University of Firenze); Professor Florent Pasquier (National French Centre for Scientific Research); Professor Atila Ertas (Director of the Academy for Transdisciplinary Studies at Texas Tech University); Magda Cârneci (former Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris); Horia Bădescu (former Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute and Advisor to the Romanian Embassy in Paris); Professor Aurelian Bălăiță (Rector of the “George Enescu” National University of Art in Iași) or Professor Simona Modreanu (Director of the Department of French Language and Literature at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași).

The event will also see the launch of a volume titled “Basarab Nicolescu – Omul Cosmodern” (“Basarab Nicolescu – The Cosmodern Human”, Junimea Press, Iași, 2002), coordinated by Simona Modreanu and Florent Pasquier: “And there is no clearer sign of the imprint that the strength and breadth of a single personality can leave on the hearts and minds of those they come into contact with than the multitude, the spontaneity and the sheer variety of testimonies collected in this volume, hailing from the world over (in the three languages that Basarab Nicolescu honoured), which vary from refined scientific proofs and analyses to poetry and works of art inspired by his transdisciplinary vision, through novel pedagogical formulas and innovative architectural structures. Also present are personal evocations, friendly reminiscences, as well as a small photographic album – all meant to outline, albeit naturally imperfectly and incompletely, the myriad ever-surprising facets of a Presence.”

Lansarea volumului  „Basarab Nicolescu – Omul Cosmodern”, coordonat de Simona Modreanu și Florent Pasquier

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