Thursday, September, 15

17.00-17.30 Opening Ceremony of the Annual School of Byzantine Studies

Prof. univ. dr. Emil Constantinescu, president of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization

Prof. univ. dr. Athanassios Semoglou („Aristotle” University of Thessaloniki), the scientific director of the Annual School of Byzantine Studies

17.30-18.30 Prof. univ. dr. Athanassios Semoglou („Aristotle” University of Thessaloniki), „Les visions apocalyptiques paléochrétiennes contre l’oubli. Le cas de la Rotonda à Thessalonique”.

18.30-19.00 Q&A session


Friday, September, 16

16.00-17.30 Prof. univ. dr. Alexandros Alexakis (University of Ioanina), „Memory and Oblivion in the Works of Agathias”

17.30-18.00 Q&A session

18.00-18.30 Dr. Antonio Pio di Cosmo (Universidad Católica de Cuyo & ISACCL)„The memory of the nails of the crucifixion, Helena, and the water. The Christian God and the forces of nature”

18.30 Young researchers’session


Saturday, September, 17

16.00-17.00 Dr. Andrei Prohin (National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Chișinău), „A vision of the history of salvation in a Slavic manuscript from the Neamț Monastery (1448)”

17.00-17.30 Q&A session

17.30-18.30 Dr. Anna Adanshinkaia (Russian Academy of Sciences), „Private Commemorations in Late Medieval Balkans: Was Commemoration a Commodity?”

18.30-19.00 Q&A session


Saturday, September, 18

18.00-19.00 Dr. Anca Dan (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris),
„Mémoire et oubli des hommes et des lieux aux bouches du Danube: Vicina et Chilia”

19.00-19.30 Q&A session


Monday, September, 19

17.30-18.30 Lect. Univ. dr. Manuela Dobre (University of Bucharest), „Memory, Identity, Otherness in the 15th century Byzantine Historiography”

18.30-19.00 Q&A session

19.00-20.00 Prof. univ. dr. Stratis Papaioannou (University of Crete), „Historia: Temporal, Ritual, and Textual Memory in Byzantium"

20.00-20.30 Q&A session


Tuesday, September, 20

17.00-18.00 Dr. Marianna Bodnaruk (Al-Quds Bard College), „Memoria damnata: Disgraced Memory of High Civil and Military Officials in the Later Roman Empire (AD 330–526)”

18.00-18.30 Q&A session

18.30-19.30 Dr. Andra Jugănaru („Aristotle” University of Thessaloniki), „Human Life Between Memory (μνήμη) and Hope (ἐλπίς)”

19.30-20.00 Q&A session


Wednesaday, September, 21

1.00-12.00 Prof. univ. dr. Pablo Argárate (University of Graz), „Remembrance and Ritual Mimesis at the Loca Sancta in the Itinerarium Aegeriae

12.00-12.30 Q&A session

12.30-13.30 Prof. univ. dr. Waldemar Deluga (University of Ostrava), „Protection of monuments in Ukraine. Past and Present”

13.30-14.00 Q&A session

14.00-16.00 Break

16.00- 17.00 Prof. univ. dr. István Perczel (Central European University, Vienna), „Recollection, Platonist and Christian: from Plotinus to Symeon the New Theologian and Ioannes Petritsi”

17.00-17.30 Q&A session

17.30 Closing of the Annual School of Byzantine Studies and the announce of the fifth edition’s topic (2022) – Dr. Ana-Maria Răducan (ISACCL)

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