Școala anuală interdisciplinară de greacă veche, egiptologie și limbi orientale

Monday, September 4, 2023


Today began the fourth edition of the Annual Interdisciplinary School of Ancient Greek, Egyptology and Oriental Languages, titled "Vice and Virtue in Antiquity", organized by ISACCL in partnership with the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Languages ​​and Foreign Literatures of the University of Bucharest.

After the introductory speech it started the Egyptology session. Professor Joanna Popielska-Grzyboska (Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences), the scientific director of the event, offered a fascinating foray into the ancient Egyptian literature, highlighting the contradictory and complementary concepts of "vice" and "virtue", characteristic of Egyptian mythology.

Elena Andra Midache Cicarma, alumna of the four editions of the School, offered a wide illustrated presentation of the concept of Heka magic in ancient Egypt.

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