Declare COVID-19 Vaccine A Global Common Good Now

We, the undersigned, make this joint appeal to all the global leaders, international organizations, and governments to adopt legal measures and make official statements declaring COVID-19 vaccines as a Global Common Good, free from any patent right belonging to anyone. The signatories below include Nobel Laureates and Nobel Laureates Organizations, civil society leaders, and world moral leaders from all over the globe.

Our right to health can be guaranteed only by our duty to health, both on an individual and collective level. As a priority, there is a need for our conceptual recognition, and actual translation into action, of our responsibilities.  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across Mother Earth, there is an explosion of research activities and clinical trials to find cures and vaccines. Indeed, everyone converges on the idea that ultimately the only way to definitively eradicate the pandemic is to have a vaccine that can be administered to all the inhabitants of the planet, urban or rural, men or women, living in rich or poor countries.

The pandemic clearly exposes the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare systems in different countries, as well as the obstacles and inequities of access to healthcare. The effectiveness of the upcoming vaccination campaign will depend on its universality.

Governments, foundations, international financial organizations like the World Bank and the regional development banks should work out details of how to make the vaccines available free of cost.

We appeal to governments, foundations, charity organizations, philanthropist individuals, and social businesses (that is, businesses which are created to solve people’s problems without taking any personal profit out of them) to come forward to produce and/or distribute the vaccines all over the world.

We invite all social, political, and health entities to re-affirm our collective responsibility for the protection of all vulnerable persons related to poverty, discrimination, gender, illness, loss of autonomy or functionality, or age.

The research for a vaccine is a long process. The estimated time for development of a COVID-19 vaccine is about 18 months or less, which would be an absolute speed record.

This research needs immense economic investments. Many private sector research laboratories who are engaged in the vaccine research will be expecting a return on their investments. We must work out an unambiguous procedure to determine what would be a fair level of this return in exchange for putting the vaccine in the public domain. For this reason, information issued by the private sector, scientists, and authorities, needs to be timely, accurate, clear, complete, and transparent. The research results should be in the public domain, making it available to any production facility that pledges to operate under strict international regulatory supervision and only to such facilities.

We urge the World Health Organization to design a World Action Plan on COVID-19 vaccine. We appeal to them to set up an international committee responsible for monitoring the vaccine research and to assure equal access to the vaccine for all countries and all people within a publicly announced pre-determined time frame.

We appeal to all world leaders, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Director General of the World Health Organization, religious leaders, social leaders, moral leaders, leaders of  research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and media leaders to join hands to ensure that in the case of COVID-19 vaccine we have a global consensus for free universal access, far ahead of its actual production and distribution.





1MuhammadYunus2006 Nobel Peace Laureate
2MáireadMaguire1976 Nobel Peace Laureate
3Professor Adolfo PerezEsquivel1980 Nobel Peace Laureate
4LechWałęsa1983 Nobel Peace Laureate, Former President of Poland
5Archbishop DesmondTutu1984 Nobel Peace Laureate
6MikhailGorbachev1990 Nobel Peace Laureate, President of the Soviet Union
7RigobertaMenchu1992 Nobel Peace laureate
8Edmond HenriFischer1992 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
9Sir Richard J.Roberts1993 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
10José RamosHorta1996 Nobel Peace Laureate
11Bishop Carlos Filipe XimenesBelo1996 Nobel Peace Laureate
12Peter C.Doherty1996 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
13JodyWilliams1997 Nobel Peace Laureate
14ShirinEbadi2003 Nobel Peace Laureate
15ElizabethBlackburn2009 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
16Mohammed AlBaradei2005 Nobel Peace Laureate
17TawakkolKarman2011 Nobel Peace Laureate
18LeymahGbowee2011 Nobel Peace Laureate
19MalalaYousafzai2014 Nobel Peace Laureate
20KailashSatyarthi2014 Nobel Peace Laureate
21OuidedBouchamaoui2015 Nobel Peace Laureate with the Tunisian Quintet
22Mohamed FadhelMahfoudh2015 Nobel Peace Laureate with the Tunisian Quintet
23Juan ManuelSantos2016 Nobel Peace Laureate
24Nadia MuradBasee Taha2018 Nobel Peace Laureate
25Dr. DenisMukwege2018 Nobel Peace Laureate


26Lisa PellettiClarkCo-President, The International Peace Bureau, 1910 Nobel Laureate in Peace
27SérgioDuartePresident, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, 1995 Nobel Laureate in Peace


28EmilConstantinescuPresident of Romania 1996-2000
29AmeenahGurib-FakimPresident of Mauritius 2015-2018
30TarjaHalonenPresident of Finland 2000-2012
31MladenIvanicPresident of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2018
32GjorgeIvanovPresident of North Macedonia 2009-2019
33IvoJosipovicPresident of Croatia 2010-2015
34AleksandrKwasniewskiPresident of Poland 1995-2005
35PetruLucinschiPresident of Moldova 1997-2001
36Luiz InácioLula da SilvaPresident of Brazil 2003-2011
37RexhepMeidaniPresident of Albania 1997-2002
38BujarNishaniPresident of Albania 2012-2017
39RozaOtunbayevaPresident of Kyrgyzstan 2010-2011
40RosenPlevnelievPresident of Bulgaria 2012-2017
41RomanoProdiPresident of EU Commission 1999-2004 and Italian Prime Minister of Italy 1996-1998, 2006-2008
42Vicente FoxQuesadaPresident of Mexico 2000-2006
43MaryRobinsonPresident of Ireland, 1990-97
44Rosalia ArteagaSerranoPresident of Ecuador 1997
45PetarStoyanovPresident of Bulgaria 1997-2002
46VairaVike-FreibergaPresident of Latvia 1999-2007
47FilipVujanovicPresident of Montenegro 2003-2018


48ShaukatAzizPrime Minister of Pakistan 2004-2007
49MarekBelkaPrime Minister of Poland 2004-2005
50SaliBerishaPrime Minister of Albania 2005-2013, President 1992-97
51GordonBrownPrime Minister of UK 2007-2010
52HelenClarkPrime Minister of New Zealand 1999-2008
53MirkoCvetkovicPrime Minister of Serbia 2008-2012
54JanFisherPrime Minister of the Czech Republic 2009-2010
55ChirilGaburiciPrime Minister of Moldova 2015
56JadrankaKosorPrime Minister of Croatia 2009-2011
57ZlatkoLagumdzijaPrime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2001-2002, deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs 2012-2015
58YvesLetermePrime Minister of Belgium 2008, 2009-2011
59PeterMedgyessyPrime Minister of Hungary 2002-2004
60MahathirMohamadPrime Minister of Malaysia 1981-2003, 2018-2020
61DjoomartOtorbaevPrime Minister of Kyrgyzstan 2014-2015
62Oscar RibasReigPrime Minister of Andorra 1982-84; 1990-94
63EkaTkeshelashviliDeputy Prime Minister of Georgia 2010-2012


64ShabanaAzmiActor and Human Rights Activist
65Andrea BocelliTenorSinger-Songwriter
66Bono.Singer, Activist
67LilyColeActress, Activist
68GeorgeClooneyActor, Human Rights Activist
69RichardCurtisUN SDG Advocate, Founder, Project Everyone
70MattDamonFilmmaker & Co-founder & WaterEquity
72SharonStoneActress, Human Rights Activist
73JimmyWalesFounder, Wikipedia
74ForestWhitakerActor, Founder, Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative
75PeterGabrielFounder, Real World


76Sir RichardBransonFounder, Virgin Group
77EmmanuelFaberChief Executive Officer, Danone
78MoIbrahimPhilanthropist, Founder of Mo Ibrahim Foundation
79PaulPolmanCo-founder & Chair, IMAGINE, Former CEO, Unilever
80AzimPremjiChairman, Wipro Limited
81NarayanaMurthyCo-Founder, Infosys
82RatanTataFormer Chairman of Tata Sons and Tata Group


83Father GiulioAlbaneseJournalist and Writer
84AbdulazizAltwaijriFormer Director General, ISESCO
85JeanBaderschneiderChair of the Board of Directors, Global Fund to End Modern Slavery
86ThomasBachPresident, International Olympic Committee (IOC)
87LuiginoBruniProfessor, Economics, Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta (LUMSA)
88WinnieByanyimaExecutive Director, UNAIDS
89MargaretChanPresident, Boao Global Health Forum
90JamesChauInternational Broadcaster and Host of The China Current
91Herman deCrooHonorary Speaker of the House, 1999-2007
92Susan M.ElliottPresident and CEO, National Committee on American Foreign Policy
93NinongEringMember of Legislative Assembly, ARUNACHAL PRADESH Legislative assembly
94HRH Prince Turki binFaisalChairman, King Faisal Foundation's Center for Research and Islamic Studies
95Father EnzoFortunatoSpokesperson of the Sacred Convent and Papal Basilica of Assisi
96Father MauroGambettiCustodian of the Papal Basilica and Sacred Convent of Assisi
97RahulGandhiMember of Parliament
98RonGaranFormer Astronaut
99Nathalie deGaulleCo-Founder & President NB-INOV
100AnnHidalgoMayor of Paris
101EkmeleddinİhsanoğluFormer Secretary General, OIC
102GarryJacobsCEO, President World Academy of Art and Sciences
103DavidJonesCo-Founder, One Young World, Founder, You&Mr. Jones
104AdeebaKamarulzamanPresident-elect, International AIDS Society
105MatsKarlssonVice President of the World Bank 1999-2002
106KerryKennedyPresident, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
107VanessaKerryGlobal Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Founder, Seed Global Health
108SalmanKhanFounder, Khan Academy
109GuilhermeLealCo-Founder, Natura Cosmeticos, B Team Leader
110SharonLewinDirector, The Peter Doherty Institute of Infection & Immunity, University of Melbourne
111Justin YifuLinFormer Vice President of the World Bank
112RaffaeleLomonacoProfessor of Economics of the Pontifical Lateran University
113GracaMachelFounder, Graca Machel Trust and Foundation for Community Development, Graca Machel Trust and Foundation for Community Development
114MarinaMahathirWriter, Human Rights Activist
115AmreMoussaSecretary General of the Arab League 2000-2011, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt 1991-2002
116AlaaMurabitUN SDG Advocate, The Voice of Libyan Women
117RovshanMuradovSecretary General, Nizami Ganjavi International Center
118EdwardNdopuUN SDG Advocate, Founder, Beyond Zero
119SamiaNkrumahPresident of Kwame Nkrumah Pan-African Centre
120Sir Gustav Victor JosephNossalAustralian-Austrian researcher
121ElsaPapademetriouFormer Vice President of the Hellenic Parliament
122JeffreySachsUN SDG Advocate, Director, Earth Institute, Columbia University
123IsmailSerageldinCo-Chair Nizami Ganjavi International Center
124Marianna V.VardinoyannisGoodwill Ambassador of UNESCO
125GaryWhiteCEO & Co-founder, & WaterEquity
126NicolaZingarettiChairman & Leader of the Italian Democratic Party
127Abdul AzizAbdul RahimMember, Keadilan
128NarekMkrtchyanMember of Parliament, National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia
129Her Majesty QueenSofia
130José MaríaVeraExecutive Director, Oxfam International, Oxfam International
131PatriziaToiaMEP, European Parliament
132InmaRodríguez-PiñeroMember, European Parliament, European Parliament
133Professor Dr. MichaelOttoChairman of the Advisory Board Otto Group
134RichardSt. PierreVice-Chairman, C2 Montreal, C2 Montreal

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