Professor Dan Grigorescu, opening speech at the 47th meeting of the members at the first meeting hosted by Romania of the European Network of Geoparks

Univ. Prof. emeritus Dan Grigorescu, the initiator and co-founder of the project that led to the establishment of the Țara Hațegului Geopark, scientific director of the Institutul de Studii Avansate pentru Cultura și Civilizația Levantului was invited to give the opening speech of one of the most important European meetings in terms of Geoparks, which takes place in Hațeg.

The 47th meeting of the members of the European Network of Geoparks is taking place in the following days, being the first meeting of this kind hosted by Romania. More than 200 specialists from 94 territories from 28 countries are present. The participants are international specialists in the assessment of geological, natural-cultural heritage, geoconservation, tourism, education, territorial planning and international cooperation projects. Organized by the UNESCO International Geopark - țara Hațegului - University of Bucharest, the event is a far-reaching one. Hunedoara County Council participates as co-organizer, and DGAMPT Hunedoara is a partner of the event.

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