The Summer School at Cetatea Carsium – Hârșova, Edition I

The Institute of Advanced Studies for the History and Civilization of the Levant, as a partner, together with the National Heritage Institute, the Museum of National History and Archeology Constanța, the Constanța County Council, the City Hall of Hârșova, the Turkish Democratic Union of Romania, together with the University of Bucharest - The Faculty of History participated in the first edition of the Summer School at Cetatea Carsium.

The aim of the Summer School is the knowledge and learning of archaeology, archaeological research, methods and techniques, non-invasive and interdisciplinary investigations that contribute to the understanding, knowledge and protection of an archaeological site, as well as to the protection and promotion of historical monuments and natural heritage.

More than 12 specialists were invited, some of them from partner institutions and the others from other institutions. On the first day, Dr. Constantin Nicolae, M.I.N.A.C., scientific representant for archaeological research, Historical Monuments in Hârșova, historical data - Dr. Daniela Mihai, deputy director of I.N.P., Ottoman Citadel of Hârșova gave lectures. Original cartographic sources - Dr. Aurel Daniel Stănică, I.C.E.M. Tulcea

The first part of the second day was held under the title Non-invasive and interdisciplinary investigations in archaeological research. Lectures were presented by Dr. Marius Streinu and Dr. Adrian Bălășescu, (I.A.B.), David Baciu (U.B.) and Case Studies. Restoration of archaeological sites by Dr. arch. Arina Nițulescu, INP.

The second part of the day was dedicated to the presentation of the natural heritage, presented by Prof. Dr. Dan Alexandru Grigorescu, scientific director of I.S.A.C.C.L., during a guided boat tour on the Danube, as well as at the Celea Mică quarry, which is part of the Canaralele site from Hârșova, next to the univ. Dr. Marius Skolka, dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Agriculture, "Ovidius" University of Constanța, who presented data on the Natural Protected Areas "Natura 2000". The Hârșova Canals (monument of nature) is a protected area of national interest corresponding to IUCN category III (geological and geomorphological natural reserve), located in Constanța county, on the administrative territory of the city of Hârșova.

The third day was dedicated to historical monuments and cultural tourism. Mrs. Alexandra Bugiulescu, spokesperson of the Hârșova City Hall, presented the cultural tourism development projects, and Irina Nicolae, councilor at the Constanța Culture Directorate, held a presentation on the Protection of archaeological sites in Constanța county.

The last two days were dedicated to the sanitization and inventory of the Ottoman necropolis in Hârșova, an inventory was made and over 20 graves were described in the minimal inventory sheets.

Școala de vară de la Cetatea Carsium – Hârșova, ediția I

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