The conference “The Lower Danube in Greek-Latin texts”

The Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization announces the opening of a series of conferences to be held within the research project “The Lower Danube Civilization from prehistoric times until modern days”, through the conference entitled “The Lower Danube in Greek-Latin Texts”, to be held on March 13th, 13.30 p.m., at the Institute’s premises, 2A, Mareșal Constantin Prezan Boulevard, District 1, Bucharest.

The invited speakers are two reputed Romanian Classical Studies specialists, acknowledged on a European level. Professor Emeritus Alexandru Barnea, PhD, President of the Society of Historical Sciences, director of the Archaeological Digging site in Adamclisi, author of several studies and works regarding Greek-Roman Antiquity and the archaeological research of the space of Inferior Moesia, shall deliver a presentation entitled “Lower Danube in the texts of Greek-Latin authors until the Age of the Dominate”. Professor Nelu Zugravu, PhD, President of the Center for Classical and Christian Studies, expert in the field of Early and Late Imperial Rome history, author, editor and coordinator of several studies and analytical works, as well as of a commented-upon translation of Ancient writings, along with the Classica et Christiana Magazine, shall deal with the topic of “The Danube and the surrounding space in the writings of Late Greek and Latin authors”.

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