“The future of democracy. Challenges and opportunities”, round table organized by the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) in Dubrovnik

3-5 April 2018

The President of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Levant Civilization, an excellence centre of the World Academy of Art and Science is also a member of the WAAS “Board of Trustees”, and held a speech on “Foundations of Democracy” during the round table organized in Dubrovnik.  The list of participants also included Elena Andreevska, dean of the “Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration” of Tetovo (Bulgaria); Goran Bandov, vice-dean o “Dag Hammarskjöld University College of International Relations and Diplomacy” of Zagreb (Croatia), Zbigniew Bochniarz, professor of the “University of Washington” and of the “Harvard Business School”; Momir Djurovic, former president of the “Academy of Science and Art of Montenegro”, Fadwa El Guindi, former anthropology professor at the “University of California”; Erich Hoedl, vice-president of the “European Academy of Science”; Garry Jacobs, CEO of the “World Academy of Art and Science” and of the “World University Consortium”; Alexander Likhotal, professor of “Geneva School Of Diplomacy” and former president of “Green Cross International”; Winston P. Nagan, law professor of the “University of Florida”, Kakha Shengelia, president of the “International Association of University Rectors”, rector of the “Caucasus University” of Georgia, Alberto Zucconi, president of the “The Person-Cantered Approach Institute” and secretary general of the “World University Consortium” (WUC).

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