Roundtable discussion on Global leadership in the 21st century, in Baku

March 17th 2019

Following the close of the 7th International Baku Forum, the associated members of the World Academy of Art and Science present in the city participated in a roundtable discussion on the theme of Global leadership in the 21st century, held on the 16th of March 2019 with the aim of identifying potential avenues of reinvigorating and developing different types of leadership at a global level.

Among the topics discussed at the event were the transformation of the educational system into an instrument capable of tackling the challenges of the 21st century; the role of states and international institutions; the reconciliation of apparently conflicting objectives such as economics and ecology, societal power and democratization or multiculturalism and national identity; the relationship between national sovereignty and global governance, and the primacy of human rights and of human dignity over the influence exerted by the upper echelons of the neoliberal society.

During this roundtable, Professor Emil Constantinescu, together with Tibor Tóth – a former ambassador and permanent representative of Hungary to the United Nations – moderated a session on Global leadership: the achievements of the past and the challenges of the future which explored the historical perspectives of a number of recent important achievements and failures of leadership, underlined the challenges and the critical leadership initiatives in contemporary society, and aimed to capitalize on those ideas, values and convincing objectives that can lead to a global societal evolution and, ultimately, to the alignment of the aims and means of both global leadership and societal power.

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