World Summit 2021. On the crises of 2020 and human rights

Today, February 24th at 15:00 CET, President Emil Constantinescu will take part in the World Summit 2021, organised online by the International Human Rights Commission in Pakistan.

As much as we would like to consign 2020 to the dustbin of history, it has taught us several vital lessons. It has shown us that a global pandemic does not merely mean a health crisis, but also economic hardship and educational peril. We have witnessed a rise in nutritional insecurity, a growing distrust towards national leaders and public institutions, as well as a swell in inequality.

Such are the topics under discussion today, to be debated by a series of heads of state and government alongside representatives of international institutions such as Maria Fernanda Espinosa, the President of the 73rd UN General Assembly, Ameenah Firdaus Gurib-Fakim, the former President of the Republic of Mauritius, or Rosalia Arteaga, former President of Ecuador.

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