Recent History. 30 years from the dissolution of the USSR. 30 years from the independence of Kazakhstan

As part of its Recent History and the Anticipation of the Future programme, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization is undertaking a scientific analysis of the social transformations occurring in the Levantine space and its environs from the revolutions of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus and Central Asian states’ independence from the USSR to the Arab Spring, viewed through the lens of their similarities and differences, their various influence and organisational factors, as well as their evolution towards democratic societies.

As part of a suite of events celebrating the 30th anniversary of their independence from the USSR, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Bucharest organised an online conference attended by emeritus professor Emil Constantinescu, the President of the Institute’s Scientific Council.

It brings me great pleasure to be able to address the esteemed audience at this 30th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is customary to speak of the treaties that were ratified, of the joint actions undertaken; but we may also speak about sentiments. Sentiments become important when they are based on mutual trust. Such is also the case for the truly special relationship forged between Romania and Kazakhstan. The initiative belonged to our Kazakh partners; shortly after the beginning of my presidential mandate, in 1996, I was contacted by the then-President of Kazakhstan that we might meet and advise each other on the future of our countries. The themes we discussed at the time were the creation of a culture of democracy, ensuring the security of our nations, the Partnership for Peace as well as a visionary and original project, the Rebirth of the Silk Road which aimed not only to restore ancient economic and commercial ties, but also a renaissance of cultural links”, President Emil Constantinescu revealed.

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