Recent history and the anticipation of the future. Presentation of the ISACCL projects at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin

A delegation of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization (ISACCL) composed of Emil Constantinescu, President of the Scientific Council, Cătălin Ștefan Popa, PhD, Director of the History of Culture and Civilization Direction and Oana Brânda, PhD, Communication expert, presented to the Romanian Cultural Institute of Berlin two projects of the ”Recent history and the anticipation of the future” programme. The two projects are ”The world post COVID-19 pandemic. A humanist vision for a sustainable development” and ”The European Union between hopes and anxiety”.

The representatives of the two institutions identified common working directions and discussed the possibility of future cooperation.

The ISACCL delegation donated to the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin copies of the volumes published between 2019-2020 as part of its research projects - Pope John Paul II in Romania. Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue Nine Centuries after the Great Schism, The International Journal of Levant Studies, Mihai Berza, De la Méditerranée à la Mer Noire. Edition établie et présentée par Andrei Pippidi, Florica (Bohîlțea) Mihuț (coordinator), Interculturality and social dynamism in contemporary Dobrogea, Dan Grigorescu (coordinator), Natur-Culturalia vol. I. The ISACCL delegation also visited the exhibition of traditional Romanian blouses titled ”Tradition and femininity”, hosted by the Romanian Cultural Institute and curated by Virginia Linul, folklore artist, holding a PhD in Etnography.

Emil Constantinescu Cătălin Ștefan Popa Istoria recentă și anticiparea viitorului. Prezentarea proiectelor ISACCL la Institutul Cultural Român din Berlin

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