Book donation from ISACCL to the Romanian Embassy in Berlin

While in Berlin for the signing of a partnership agreement between the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, President Emil Constantinescu made a book donation to the Romanian Embassy in the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The donated books are part of the ongoing research programmes of ISACCL: ”The Levant, cradle of the Abrahamic religions”, ”Historical studies of the Levant”, ”Romanian savants researching the Levant” and ”Dobrogea, witness of the millennial civilizations of the Levant”. The donated volumes are: Pope John Paul II in Romania. Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue Nine Centuries after the Great Schism, The International Journal of Levant Studies, Mihai Berza, De la Méditerranée à la Mer Noire. Edition établie et présentée par Andrei Pippidi, Florica (Bohîlțea) Mihuț (coordinator), Interculturality and social dynamism in contemporary Dobrogea, Dan Grigorescu (coordinator), Natur-Culturalia vol. I.

Berlin, July 9th, 2021

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